Information on League matches

How it Works
In order to participate in our league you need to be on a team. You can create a team by heading to #team-info. Follow the instructions on how to create a team.
Once you are on a team all you need to do is participate in league games.
You can view the league schedule in #apexpro-schedule channel! If you disband your team during the league you will lose your points! Make sure someone on your team is recording or streaming! We need video proof from countdown to game end.

Point Breakdown
Points are earned based off of the total number of teams in your match. The more teams the more points that are on the line. Points are given to the top three placing teams. Points are broken down in this format:
1st Place = 100% # of teams
2nd Place = 80% # of teams
3rd Place = 60% # of teams
4th Place = 40% # of teams
5th Place = 20% # of teams

You must have 10 teams in a match for points to count!

How to submit
If you placed top three in a league match that had ten or more teams participating you are able to submit your match in the #🎥submit-match text channel! note that you only have 24 hours to submit your match. You can submit your match by doing the command:
!submitsquad [matchID] [placement] [proof]
Example: !submitsquad 899 1 twitch.tv/vod
[MatchID] = 3 digits next to the number of teams in the league-matches channel
[placement] = 1-5
[proof] = full vod of the game. Proof needs to include the countdown and the game ending. This can be uploaded to youtube or a stream vod.

What is my MatchID
Your match ID can be found in the #league-matches channel after your type your champions name. It will appear next to the name as shown in the image. Those 3 digits are the match ID.

Who to Contact
If you need any help with the league contact the @Apex.Pro Mail#4135 bot by sending it a DM with your questions and a staff member will get back to you.